tips for knitting and moving. at the same time


My friends! Sorry it has been a while. Those of you on insta will notice that I moved and while the knitting didn’t stop, I could not get myself into blogging gear.

In the spirit of life happenings, the next couple posts will be focused on moving. I hope you find them helpful and please feel free to add your own tips!

Plan ahead. The yarn hoarder in me wanted to wait until the very last second to pack up my yarn, but I know that doing so would make it incredibly hard to part ways. I need to set aside several sets of yarn, needles, and patterns and waiting until the last second would spell disaster for me. Listen, how many times have you put off a project because the yarn needed to be wound? Trivial, but that has been my life on several occasions. As much as would prefer to knit on impulse, waiting until a night or two before leaving would probably frustrate me into submission, leaving me with nothing to knit. Plus, once you pack up that yarn, you are not going to want to unpack it. Moving is expensive and your wallet (and loved ones) might scream if you go buy yarn after packing up a stash. Be kind to them.

Work on something that can be used to decorate your new home. It will both motivate you to get moving on the dreaded packing (and unpacking, depending on how big your project is). Plus, it is always exciting to knit with a theme, like your own little KAL. In my case, I am using some stashed cotton to make a rug. Several designs later, I settled on this: super squishy garter with tassels for because every home tassels. Other ideas: pillow covers, framed swatches, dishcloths.

Choose projects that are portable. Try to choose projects of reasonable size with few moving parts. With all of the boxes and luggage and (lets be real) paperwork you have to juggle, the last thing you need is a bunch of heavy tote bags full of WIPs. My rug was not small, but it was easy enough to stuff into my under-the-seat carry on and basically knit straight from there. I also had a shawl for a little reprieve (my yet to be finished campside), which I decided to cake only two skeins, packing away the third for later. It worked out; I made it through maybe half of the first skein. Bonus points if the pattern is improvised or easily memorize, eliminating the need shuffling through papers or pulling out your tablet/laptop/phone.

The main takeaway here is to strive for simplicity. This is my second time moving with yarn and I can say confidently it is nice not to have to dedicate brainspace to finding/fixing/screaming over haphazard knitting projects/patterns.

I am so glad to be done with the big moves for a while. I have another post, lessons learned from packing, coming next! In the meantime, have you carried knitting through a move? What did you find helpful, or not?

P.S. notes from my improvised rug can be found here.


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