On Friendship


Friendship. I was prompted to write this post after receiving an unexpected and incredible gift from a blogfriend/knitfriend Nicky a couple weeks ago. FIBER. and two DROP SPINDLES. Things that I was too chicken to invest in myself. And then, I unwrapped a skein of sock yarn, a notebook, and a card! Y’all, there is power in handwriting.

(a million thank you’s wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude)

Soon after, another random act of giving happened upon me. A camera! A neighbor and new friend who happens to be a pretty good photographer were talking about photography, particularly how I had been inspired by Elise to jump into film. Actual film. Used SLR cameras and the film (unused) are actually quite affordable. I have wanted an Instax for a while, but those never seemed economical. My friend insisted that learning my way around a camera would be easier than I imagined, and so I went home ready to buy. Not an hour has gone by and my neighbor is visiting, camera in tow. Not to demonstrate, but to LOAN so I could figure it out. WHAT?!

I am looking to be more intentional about sharing. Perhaps that is my ideal world, one in which gifts are not momentous events, but also not expected. (does that even make sense?) That sharing becomes like breathing and we don’t feel compelled to hoard or evaluate.

Thank you friends.


P.S. I sat on this for a while because school and because I couldn’t figure out exactly how to put these feelings into words or if the words were right, but in the spirit of sharing I just decided I needed to press publish.


6 thoughts on “On Friendship

  1. Oh, what a sweet post!! Nicky is such a sweetheart!!! Love this beautiful soul that shines even through my computer screen 🙂 I love the idea of sharing becoming just like breathing…

  2. Awwww Syd!!! It really was my pleasure … really! You’ve been a great online buddy and I’m really suspect with my gift. Any excuse to bring you down the spinning rabbit hole. LOLOL! ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Love this! I feel the same way and just yesterday I stumbled upon this new project: kindness.org – basically making random acts of kindness a regular thing to improve ourselves and society. I’m totally on board.

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