13 days of making | day two


I am having too much fun with this.

A couple weeks ago, I snagged some craft foam from a friend of mine. I had absolutely no plans for it, but the crafter in me wouldn’t let go. Then yesterday, I got this idea to cut letters and put a positive affirmation on the wall. Lo and behold – I HAD SOME CRAFT FOAM!

My favorite part of this is that the letters are completely freestyled and totally imperfect. For whatever reason, the backwards L felt right to me, just spontaneously and a little silly, and perfectly matching the saturated, primary school vibe of the colors. Also, aren’t kids the realest people you know?

BE REAL. With yourself. With the world. It is a mantra I live by and it felt important that these words reflected me: little skill in straight lines, a little goofy, and inexplicably bright. The type A in me tries to fight these not so perfect qualities all of the time. Even with this project, I agonized a little bit over not posting yesterday because this is supposed to be 13 straight days of posting. “Actually, it’s 13 days of crafting,” I had to remind myself. Full disclosure: I edited this post because I had a few more words on my spirit. I hope you don’t mind!

Check back tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “13 days of making | day two

  1. Am I aging myself when I say that those letters took me back to House Party I & II with Kid n Play? And back to the 80’s neon crazed era? Love it and the message behind it. ❤

    • Maaaybe! But I know and love (most) of their outfits and colors in those movies. So funny, the first House Party movie I saw I think was IV with Marques Houston in like 2000-something. Then I went back and watched the originals.

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