I have an allergy (I think)


#MeMadeMay is off to a rough start. I planned a quick crop top using Road to China worsted, an unreal blend of baby alpaca, camel, cashmere, and silk. I mean, I could pet this yarn all day, but at the end of the day (and about 70% through the top), my throat started feeling itchy and my nose started running and was that something in my eye?

An allergy pill and a day later, I finished the top and tried it on for the first and last time. It was everything I wanted it to be, but my throat was still itchy and I knew I couldn’t wear it without being extremely uncomfortable the entire time. The plushest yarn I’d ever had the pleasure of working with made me uncomfortable – the irony!

So I’m saying goodbye to that top and yarn and potentially camel fiber. Camel is the only new-to-me fiber in the blend and I have never reacted to the other three. While it is possible my reaction stemmed from whatever the yarn was treated or dyed with, I’d rather hedge my bets and avoid camel altogether. :sigh:

Lowkey, this is devastating; I always wanted to ride camels among the pyramids in Egypt.

Have you ever reacted to a yarn?


FO | Tulip Tank Top

I confess, I finished this months ago and never got around to taking good photos. This outfit seems like an appropriate debut – it was a perfect day and I paired it with my favorite shorts. I’m not fashion blogger, but that sounds like a winning combination to me. So without further introduction, I present: the tulip tank top (a free pattern eek!).


Yarn. Sparrow by Quince & Co. This yarn is ah-mah-zing. I suggest using wood needles because it is extremely slippery, as linen tends to be. Further, if you are content with being a loose knitter, you will more happily knit linen because of the slip factor. The magic happens when you wash. Not block, but wash. This yarn is totally machine washable (go delicate though, its still handmade) and the garment softens up inexplicably. And it drapes beautifully.

Beware of gauge if using Sparrow. It is by far not a perfect substitute and my first version was incredibly large, despite my measurements.

That’s all friends! Short and sweet 🙂 A free pattern and a happy gal wearing it.

Adventures in 2-color knitting

If you follow me on instagram, you know I have finally gotten over my (two year) fear of color knitting.

Here’s a little secret: It’s totally addicting!

Yes, I was completely intimidated by stranded colorwork and yeah maybe I’m still a little intimidated by the thought of adding a third (or fourth. fifth?!) but I’m not going to let that stop me again.

I’m working on the Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna Walla, a wearable and free introduction to color knitting in the round. It only has charts – a vital skill for colorwork knitting. The finished object is a long, wrapable scarf, perfect for hiding mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, there’s one in the picture above. eek! The yarn is Isaac Mizrahi CRAFT Isaac’s Colorways Merino Blend in Jean and Silver.

One question though: how do you hold your yarn? 

Majority of the time, I knit some version of continental, meaning I hold my yarn in the left hand. However, when I initially searched for two-color knitting tutorials, one color in each hand was easiest to wrap my mind around, especially when catching floats. I’ve since switch over to two strands in one hand, like a super-continental! I don’t love the way floats are trapped this way, but keeping tension and knitting flow is sooo much easier.

Also, are you on insta? I want to follow you!


an ode to linen stitch

Linen Stitch Mug Rug_1
you suck.

Is there such thing as knitter’s elbow? Yes. I know this, because you gave it to me.

Why must you be so beautiful, making the perfect placemats and mug rugs to die for. I’m over you. And I love you. And I never want to use you again.

But I will. Because you suck.

Linen Stitch Mug Rug_2

march madness 2016

My friends, I have a confession. I spent nearly the entire weekend watching college basketball. Yes, it is NCAA Tournament Time aka March Madness. The first day was the worst – good money I stayed in a bubble for 12 hours. The games were so goooooood! And the brackets, did you make one? Mines is totally wrecked. WRECKED! I was out (one of the few hours haha) when my championship team lost in their first game and I had a mini meltdown. Have you figured out why it’s called March Madness yet?

There was some production out of this weekend: I knit a sock! Weeeee! The pattern in Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A. Another crazy weekend and it’s sister might be done. I’m using Bumblebirch Yarn in a Limited Edition colorway, from Citizens of Textile.

Kai-Mei_in progress

P.S. The Shetland Wool Week (Sept 24 – Oct 2 2016) pattern is out! Remember Baa-ble Sheep? This one is just as adorable! Attendance is completely out of the question for me, but the pattern can bring a little Shetland in to my life.

P.P.S. Do you have a bracket? Any hope?