13 Days of Making



Long time, no? Well I’m finally on break from school and I have 13 days to do whatever I want. (get wrecked) Nah, I’m probably going to study at least half of those days, but I also want to challenge myself to put in hours making and what better way to track that but through the blog. Join me!

Day 1 – A few days back I noticed that I jacked up a cable more than a few rows back. Luckily some insta friends recommended I rip back only the cable. Never done this before, but so far, so good!



Adventures in 2-color knitting

If you follow me on instagram, you know I have finally gotten over my (two year) fear of color knitting.

Here’s a little secret: It’s totally addicting!

Yes, I was completely intimidated by stranded colorwork and yeah maybe I’m still a little intimidated by the thought of adding a third (or fourth. fifth?!) but I’m not going to let that stop me again.

I’m working on the Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna Walla, a wearable and free introduction to color knitting in the round. It only has charts – a vital skill for colorwork knitting. The finished object is a long, wrapable scarf, perfect for hiding mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, there’s one in the picture above. eek! The yarn is Isaac Mizrahi CRAFT Isaac’s Colorways Merino Blend in Jean and Silver.

One question though: how do you hold your yarn? 

Majority of the time, I knit some version of continental, meaning I hold my yarn in the left hand. However, when I initially searched for two-color knitting tutorials, one color in each hand was easiest to wrap my mind around, especially when catching floats. I’ve since switch over to two strands in one hand, like a super-continental! I don’t love the way floats are trapped this way, but keeping tension and knitting flow is sooo much easier.

Also, are you on insta? I want to follow you!


march madness 2016

My friends, I have a confession. I spent nearly the entire weekend watching college basketball. Yes, it is NCAA Tournament Time aka March Madness. The first day was the worst – good money I stayed in a bubble for 12 hours. The games were so goooooood! And the brackets, did you make one? Mines is totally wrecked. WRECKED! I was out (one of the few hours haha) when my championship team lost in their first game and I had a mini meltdown. Have you figured out why it’s called March Madness yet?

There was some production out of this weekend: I knit a sock! Weeeee! The pattern in Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A. Another crazy weekend and it’s sister might be done. I’m using Bumblebirch Yarn in a Limited Edition colorway, from Citizens of Textile.

Kai-Mei_in progress

P.S. The Shetland Wool Week (Sept 24 – Oct 2 2016) pattern is out! Remember Baa-ble Sheep? This one is just as adorable! Attendance is completely out of the question for me, but the pattern can bring a little Shetland in to my life.

P.P.S. Do you have a bracket? Any hope?


wip wednesday | gezell home stretch

ahh, i can see the end of my Gezell! today marks the one month mark, so I didn’t quite make my goal, but i am as in love with this coat as ever.


the front and back are seamed. the sleeves are done. all that’s left are the pocket and the neckband (which is the in progress part). FYI, a neckband will really test your ability to keep tension. like on long, menacing swatch…i will defeat you!


for the pocket, my waste yarn inspired me to do a fun contrast color with the scraps. i’ve narrowed it down to a few choices. i think i know which is calling me, but i’m curious, which do you like?



vote for your fav in the comments and tell me: what are you working on?

jump right in: Gezell Coat


I am obsessed with Cirilia Rose’s Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads. You all know this. My current WIP is project #2 from the book, the Gezell Coat, using Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. The idea of a coat can be daunting, but the construction is really interesting and makes the knitting go by quickly (hellooo, can you say BOBBLES?!). Almost to the sleeves…

Is there a pattern you’ve been crushing on, but feel a little intimidated by? Jump in! Feel free to share below.